martes, 24 de noviembre de 2015

Mi Pueblito y Cerro Ancón

Last week we visited Mi pueblito and Cerro Ancón.

Cerro Ancón is an elevation of 199 m located in Panama City. It was under the jurisdiction of the United States as part of the Panama Canal Zone, for much of the twentieth century. Although located right next to the city of Panama is not an urbanized area.

On its slopes are some homes that are part of the town of Balboa and Gorgas Hospital today the old headquarters of the Oncology Hospital and the Supreme Court. In the highest area is Quarry Heights, which was the residence of the Governor of the Canal Zone and former location of the Southern Command. Quarry Heights name comes from the old quarry which is visible from the side of the hill. Cerro Ancon has abandoned underground bunker, which belonged to the Southern Command.

Tourist Center Mi Pueblito is a reproduction in three different areas of the settlements of the main ethnic groups that make up Panama.
Mi Pueblito is set as an Afro-Caribbean people of West Indian origin with colorful houses of early twentieth century where the Muller house, a boat-shaped building stands.
Mi Pueblito Campesino is the representation of the culture of the countryside, folklore and culture of the province. Its streets are paved and the houses are wooden and tiled roofs. In the center you will see a water fountain surrounded by a beautiful garden.
Mi Pueblito Indigenous you to the forest inhabited by the native peoples of the area, the Kuna, Ngäbe-Bugle and Embera-Wounaan. This village consists of a village of huts with roofs of palm without walls

viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

Halloween in EPA!

We had a great moment last Friday celebrating Halloween.

The students enjoyed the conversation workshop talking about Hallowen in each country where they come from as Brazil, Corea, Sweden and Germany

Students also had the opportunity to paint their faces with make up with scare characters and take photographs with school staff.

It really was a fun afternoon