lunes, 9 de mayo de 2016

Corpus Christi Festival in Panama

In Panama you will find different festivals full of tradition and culture. One of the most importants is the festival of Corpus Christi, a festival full of colors and tradicional music and dances.

 Held each june since the early years of the spanish colonial era in the cities of Parita and La Villa de los Santos, Corpus Christi is a feast of religious origin that was taken to the streets and represents different stories through dances and processions. 

People get grouped at the edge of the street to admire the splendor of the different theatrical performances  like the dirty and mirrors devils who dance to the rhythm of a bell or castanets.  

 We invite you to visit Panama  and live the experience of penetrating the dances and the stories that tells each of them, full of teachings

jueves, 28 de abril de 2016

EPA! Is now open in Casco Viejo!

EPA! Is now open in Casco Viejo and we would like to invite you to meet our new home! We are located at Calle 5ta Avenida A, casa 8-38. 

In the best part of Casco Viejo because is the safest area and just a few minutes
walking to everything that happens in the trendy and popular old town in Panama City, near the best restuarants, bars, theathers, boutiques just steps from your door.

 In our new location we will continue offering you high quality programs, teachers that are fully-trained and certified. You will be having fun while you  are learning with our friendly staff and teachers.  

We offer you different options so you can choose the better schedule fo you!

Our programs at Casco Viejo. 

  • General Spanish: This program offer you     the four areas of languge; speaking, listening, reading & writing. You will be able to increase your fluency in a correct way and comunicate better each day.

  • Conversational Spanish: This program will focus in improving your understanding of language. The classes are going to be structured in different topics and depending of the level of the students. 

  • Survival Spanish Lessons: Learn basic communication in Spanish and make your trip to Panama much more fun! 

  • Portuguese Classes: This program will offer you the four areas of the language; speaking, listening and reading & writing. Learn with native-speaking portuguese teachers with experience teaching.

For More information please visit our website :

Or contact us!

viernes, 5 de febrero de 2016

Estudiantes de EPA!

Some of our students finished their Spanish classes today.
Sarah From USA
Maurizio from Italy
Simone from Italy
Judith from French

They had a very good experience studying with us.


miércoles, 27 de enero de 2016

Trip to Summit

The park was created in 1923 by the former company of the Panama Canal, as the Experimental Farm Summit, to test the adaptation of plants’ species from different parts of the world to the tropical climate of Panama. It was through this experimental farm that teak was introduced to the American continent.
In the 1960s a small zoo was started within the Botanical Garden. The zoo has increased gradually, and today is home to about 300 animals. One of the attractions of the zoo is the harpy eagle; the national bird of Panama.
Animals at the zoo include squirrelsalligatorsowlscoyotegray heronsgullsparrotsjaguarsocelotsmonkeysagouti,pumasdovesfoxeslizards, and harpy eagles.